Not having enough money for entertaining, hard work takes up most of your time, and only a shabby bar on the outskirts looms large on the horizon where you get wasted on shots of tequila\whiskey\vodka\sake\whatever for $1 each so that you can go to work again the next morning with a head-splitting hangover. Sounds familiar, huh?

Or! You got so tired of mundanity and dull existence, so no resorts in the world can satisfy your desire and people get you sick with all of their problems and endless whining.

Anyway, you are at the right place! Cause we could offer you something more than just a tour somewhere new. We offer you a whole new world built especially for you! Each inhabitant of the Misty Islands is created to satisfy your needs and the most secret desires hidden in the depths of the subconscious.

Try this new pleasure of the world with the only law - yourself.

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